Why Spend on Yourself?

Are you kidding me. Invest in myself? Why would I. I am not a piece of property in downtown Dubai, who’s value would increase by the day.

Oh, invest in terms of clothing and education. Again, why ah? I can barely save money for spending on good food, and you are asking to spend on those irrelevant items.

Well Hi there, random stranger. I am guessing if you had another brain, it would be lonely. Spending on yourself is crucial. Let me explain.

Spending on your education makes sense. While you might have Bill Gates or Mark Z. as your role model, dropping out of college is not an option. They were lucky, and if you want to take that risk… you wouldn’t be here, reading this article!

Spending on and pursuing your education is so very important. While companies won’t give you a job without any degree, it’s the experience I would like to highlight.

Once you are enrolled to an institution, many characteristics of your personality undergoes improvements. Time management, how to deal with stress, how to work in a team are only some of the many skills you acquire.

“Intelligence + Character. That is the goal of true education.”~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Many of you reading this, are students, and with finals approaching closer, believe me once I say I understand what you are going through (hint: I am an engineering student). But all this stress and tension is worth it. We students, are like coal, that undergoes tremendous pressure, only to turn out as a diamond. Can relate?

Investing time and money on your outlook is equally important.

It goes without saying, dressing effects your self-confidence. And this confidence governs how you walk, how you talk, how you think, how you present, how you make the people around you feel. Along with that, it gives a sense of professionalism. In terms of job interviews or meetings, people tend to take you more seriously. And once you purchase good quality clothes, you know it’s value, and hence you are confident in it.

True story: The days I wear an outfit I don’t feel comfortable or confident in, are the days I am most grumpy and agitated.

Another True Story: I am stressed out and all kind of negative thoughts come in mind. My friend, wearing a multi colored dress, walks in. No she wasn’t a unicorn frappuccino from Starbucks. Point being, it suddenly changed my mood. I felt hopeful out of no where.  

The lecturer or boss of your company will have high regards for you as well as you respect their time and presence, by particularly preparing for that occasion.

Often, we get so busy in our daily lives, with work and taking care of loved ones, we forget taking care of ourselves. If you are healthy, you will be wealthy. Else you will spend all your wealth on your health. Makes sense? Yes. Is it sensible? No.

In terms of value, things like watches, coins, currencies, cars, etc, turn into antiques with time. Considering that, I am keeping random objects, like hair brushes and shoe boxes, safely. 50 years down the line, I should be able to sell it for a higher value. That is, in case you were curious what I am up to.

OK. I understand the satisfaction you get, the memories you make, from experiences and travelling. It is invaluable. But it has to go hand in hand with taking care of yourself. After all, if your presentation is not well, or you are unfit, you are the one at loss.

I am so offended when my body decides to be sick. I gave you a vegetable last week… How dare you!

To conclude, we have been given a full functioning body. Our body deserves pampering after all the hard work we make it do. Eat healthy, dress well, educate yourself ,feed positive thoughts to your soul and spread happiness. Your value, the respect you deserve, lies in your hands.

Education breeds Confidence | Confidence breeds Hope | Hope breeds Peace ~Confucius


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