Getting to make you read an article on a shoe? What was I thinking!

Shoe. A human creation that has been serving humanity from the beginning of time. Although the type, the material, the aesthetics may vary. There is no doubt it has evolved overtime, from it’s basic function to a fashion statement. And now there are so many types; slippers, sneakers, sandals, loafers , high-heels and what not. It has turned into an ever-changing profitable industry. It has a very simple yet significant purpose. Thanks to it, you can walk on most of the surfaces saving your feet from cuts and wounds.

But in the human history shoe has been used in different contexts. For instance, in the Indian subcontinent if you are lucky, you can spot a shoe flying.

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky.

It is considered as one form of communication. Valiant strangers use it as a weapon in a street fight. Kids use it to scare away stray dogs. Mothers use it to express their emotions. These emotions in this case, are generally triggered by seemingly harmless acts of their innocent children. Have to agree though, kids are a whole new drama.

I generally call adults a movie and children a trailer with just as much drama!

However, shoe is also used as a figure of speech. Step into my shoe etc. In this case, it asks the other person to step into your shoe before coming to any conclusion. Before judging.

A shoe is considered as a personal belonging that you spend most of your time with.

Some people believe it adds to their personality. Of-course it enhances your dressing and helps give a good first impression. Some cultures use it to display their colorful history.

But if you think, it poses one of life’s first problems. One of my embarrassing childhood memories, is having my mother to tie my shoe laces. All the way to my secondary school! It is one of the first obstacles you remember to overtake. Regularly polishing it, taking care of it, gives you a sense of responsibility.

It teaches us(or at-least me) never to give up. To be responsible. It helps us improve in ways.

So, lots of things in life are like this shoe. Quite important to us, yet we don’t value it. It takes care of us, yet we use it roughly. This can be related to people and other resources given to us in general. Not to say parents are anywhere near this in value, yet for the sake of making a point. They spend their whole life, teaching you lessons, taking care of you, adding personality to you as a person, making sure you look good. And then there are many of us who disrespect them, and hurt them intentionally or unintentionally.

“Parents act so strong for us that we often forget just how fragile they are.”

Just Like shoes, we grow up with them and later tend to replace them with other people. Who we think are good for us, who improves us.

Conclusion? You can literally write about anything! No, point is, things need to be valued. People need to be valued. Particularly your parents. They need your time, respect, attention, treatment, that they rightfully deserve.

It’s never too late guys. Believe me, just the fact that your parent(s) are alive makes you much more blessed, more lucky than many others. Having them is a bonus. They literally are your instruction manual in life (I will leave this for another day). Love them, express your appreciation for them, and cherish every moment spent with them.

Here’s a possibly irrelevant yet interesting quote.

“It’s great to be known for your shoes but it’s better to be known for your sole*.” -Kenneth Cole

PS. *Soul for the dim-witted.


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