The A to Z word

I am not going to be the good writer I always am (so high regards about myself). The one who takes care of the reader. Well I am still speaking typing for your good, but maybe my ways are unconventional. Today I rant. I rant against those who misunderstand the freedom of speech. Those whose speech is censored during movies. Those who find pleasure in being violent. Yes, those who curse.

Why do you guys like f****** the English language. Nice were those days when the f word signified the word father. When the B word stood for ball. Even ball doesn’t remind me of the ball they play on the beach. When you think of beach, water and sand isn’t the first things that comes in mind. Them bodies left for baking in the sun *_*. My mind is dirty? Who asked for your opinion?

I was polite today. I said please. Well actually, I said “b*tch please”… But whatever.

What is wrong with this generation.

Now, research shows people who use the f word in stressful situations, deal better with it. They feel less stressed and it reduces anxiety. I hate the research found on internet. These inauthentic, attention seeking, misleading scripts are messing many lives. But, anyways. You can decide what makes you feel better. It’s all about what you practice. For me, eating chocolate, listening to music, or walking does the trick.

Along with the tone, cursing brings an attitude and thinking. This can easily hurt the people around you. It makes you appear self-centered.

It’s better to let someone think you are an Idiot than to open your mouth and prove it.

Cursing in a work place or gathering might make you appear cool for some, but generally spreads negative vibes. It displays immaturity and lack of self-control. Being outspoken is good, but not in this manner. And unlike movies it does not seem cool. You might think these actors use this foul language so often. You are wrong there. If they use such language, it’s to fit into the role, nothing else.

People who use these words do so, because they are limited with their vocabulary. They express various emotions with the same damn word.

Class cancelled. F*ck Yeah!

Hit the pinky toe of your foot with the chair. F*ck!

Tempted by a road rage incident. F*ck you!

Sadly, just like other bad habits, this is contagious. If you are in a company that curses so often. You will find yourself swearing as well. And subconsciously you end up swearing at inappropriate times. Job interview, dinner with girlfriend parents, anywhere and everywhere.

So now that you hopefully understand there is no good coming from this word, how do we reduce this. Give it a different name. Instead of F*ck, say apple.
Have a swear jar and pay a tiny amount every time you curse, until you eventually get broke. And if you lose the swear jar than, you are f*cking screwed dude!
Stop it altogether. Feel proud when you successfully pass a tempting situation and treat yourself.
Expand your vocabulary, find new alternatives and practice them daily. For example. Instead of B.S. you can use fabrication, nonsense and exaggeration to baloney, hogwash and balderdash. They don’t seem satisfying, but once you get a hang of it, it’s fun.

Another way is to tell your friend to help you. Whenever you curse, they are to clap or make some noise. It will make you self-aware and help you stop. To be honest, there are a million ways you will find on the magnificent internet. The same internet that preaches these words.

Stop cursing and you will discover a new you. Someone who has mastered self-control. You will be looked and perceived as a mature, considerate and polite human being. You realize that while it may seem easy, more expressive, reduces stress and pain, it does more harm. Doesn’t help you connect with people or gain their respect.

So let’s make your language great again!


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