This post is a sneak peek inside my mind. Of-course not literally. Just a figure of speech guys.

So, it’s drizzling outside and I am on my way back to home. Subconsciously my mind is like, “Let’s walk in the rain. Let’s look for some topic to write on.” You know, rain and sadness are somehow linked. Specially if it’s in the night. And you are alone. And I write about sad topics.

Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most

I actually consider my brain’s suggestion. Then I think. What I generally write is about some flaws I find in the society. To cut it short, the failures we face and why should we see them positively.

So, my brain listens to all my thoughts and questions me. A good question in a very long time (at-least for me).
Why do we learn only from failures? From flaws. From mistakes, other people make. From bad times. You get what I mean?

Why don’t we consider pleasant times that come and go? The fond memories with loved ones, or the sweet feeling of success. Is it because you don’t want to mess up the moment. Or too excited to dwell into learning some lessons.

There is a lot to learn. Mostly positive. Notice what truly makes you happy. What were the key ingredients that made up that moment. Be it people, or simple hard work. You maybe want to note the strategy and routine you had that lead to this success.

One important thing is to know that we should be grateful for that position. That time. Tomorrow, things could be very different. Today you are up, tomorrow you may still be up. Or down.

Often, we get carried away with emotions during the moment. Imagine you won a badminton match. You might indulge in celebrations to an extent that you forget, surely, it’s your best day. But for others, for them it’s just another ordinary day. These are the times you need to be humble and be thoughtful. Also, in the case of that badminton trophy. You probably forgot to thank the coach, who trained you all the way. Your family who supported you throughout.

If you already think this way, well and good. This analogy can be applied in general to situations in life. But don’t wait for failures, to learn from.

Why kill time when you can make it work for you?

Sooo. To keep it short. Firstly, find something to be thankful for. There always is. And if you are in mids of having a great time with family or alone. Keep enjoying. Just be more grateful. Acknowledge the people who are the reason you feel like this. And know that tomorrow may not be like this. It may be better, but it may also be worse.
And, when you are going through the afore mentioned gloomy period, you won’t find it that bad. Why? Because you know this one thing.

| T o m o r r o w  i s  a n o t h e r   d a y |


P.S. Don’t you find this part gibberish? The brain listening to my thoughts. Like seriously?




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